General terms

Last update: 20.12.2012

To use and/or subscribe to the website cashback365, you agree that you have read, understand and accept the described terms and conditions for use. Cashback365 reserves the right to change these terms, while the customers accept to check periodically the site and get informed of such changes.

1. Right to participation and termination of the registration

The cashback365 website is completely free as every visitor has the right to participation, so once they have filled out the registration form, they oblige to provide true, accurate, current and complete information about themselves.

Cashback365 reserves the right to refuse or suspend a registration as well as to take the collected „Cash Back” bonus in case of fraud, abuse or other actions determined as dishonest in case of absence or invalid e-mail, in case of not using the registration for a period of six months, and at its sole discretion.

A registered user may quit their registration, by informing cashback365 through the site email address. Once the customer's registration has been removed upon their request, the active „Cash Back” that has not been drawn, will be taken away.

2. Terms of accumulating „Cash Back” bonus and its withdrawal

A condition of using the service for gaining „Cash Back” bonus is that a registered customer has to make a purchase from the trading partner through the cashback365 website.

In case of transaction confirmation by the merchant within a deadline determined by them, the discount that has been previously shown on the site is transferred in the form of a „Cash Back” bonus into the virtual account of the customer.

To withdraw the funds collected in their virtual account, the customer must have a minimum amount of „Cash Back” shown on the site and to be able to provide accurate data to meet the requirements of the payment method chosen by them. The very sending is made after the confirmation and approval of the submitted information.

The customers oblige themselves to make any kind of paying fees, taxes and the like, after having withdrawn their funds from cashback365.

Sometimes in the commission sent to us by the trading partners there can be included taxes and delivery, while others do not include them. The Cash Back amount is formed according to the commission which is transferred to us by the trading partner.

In the Cash Back amount that you receive in your virtual account there is no VAT value included from the very order.

The minimum amount that each user can withdraw is 30 USD.

The deadline for payment of the amount after the user has given a request for withdrawal is 60 days from the date of the very request for withdrawal.

3. About cashback365

Cashback365 is a website offering a service for accumulating through discount and withdrawing a bonus called „Cash Back” when purchasing from trading partners.

Cashback365 assumes no guarantee and responsibility regarding obligations about the service proposed by the trading partner.

Any claims for non-performance or bad performance by the commercial partner must be submitted only to the trading partner.

Cashback365 is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by force majeure, hacker attacks and other reasons that do not depend on the site team.

Cashback365 reserves the right to change the balance in your virtual account at its sole discretion. This may include cases when there is suspicion of fraud by the customers, when the sum is not received by the trading partners or other similar circumstances.

If a trading partner of cashback365 slows up or stops payment, we will do our best to recover your Cash Back, but we cannot guarantee that it will happen.